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Mechanical Orange Game Online

Once sunny and vibrant, full of colorful and breathtaking views Copperville is a ghost town now, with decaying farms and rusting iron mills, frail voices of its inhabitants passing in the dark. Infinite poisonous smog from steam-engines not only infected the souls of the residents but made their hearts rusted. Are they alive or are they just worthless gears in the huge engine? When will they see the light at the end of the tunnel? But miracles do happen! One day professor M. with his beloved daughter L. came to the Copperville on their brass airship and settled down in the forest, in the little house, with the smell of evening fog, hothouse flowers, and French perfume. L. is a true daughter of the century, the century of changes: clever, well educated, equally interested in both last styles, and news of science and technology. Her father M. is the inventor, innovator, and pioneer, knowing sense in engineering, having exceptional devoted love to humanity. After long nights professor M., at last, finishes his unique device - Mechanical Orange. The machine is incredible, working as a fruit-squeezer, it produces super vitaminized juices and fruitful jams: plum, cherry, orange! Residents are eternally grateful to the professor, filled with energetic vitamins, they not only became stronger, more cheerful but started growing up fruit, plants, and vegetables… The mist gradually fades away, there is no spirit of decadence anymore! Copperville is proudly renamed as a juicy and blossoming Orangeville! The residents thanked the professor and his daughter for such generosity and presented them lucky clover and a fashionable hat. Now Mechanical Orange has become even more magic…Why? You'll see it after making some spins in our superior video slot - Mechanical Orange!

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  • Category : Slots
  • RTP : 96%
  • Volatility : Medium
  • Max Win : x1,000
  • Feature : Free Spins


A brand new slot in an unusual form of orange slice. Distinctive feature is that the reels spin from left to right. The scheme is 3Ñ…3 with 1 winning line. Convenient and simple to play on mobile devices with the portrait mode on.

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