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Jogo Do Bicho Game Online

Imagine yourself in the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro - interactive place bursting with impressive, memorable attractions and pulsating like a living organism with a deep sense of history and heritage. Here you'll be welcomed with supreme warmth, big smiles, and friendliness. Carnivals with their colorful display and vigorous dancers, beach, sports and partying combined all at once, shores of Ipanema Beach, surfing waves, dense rainforests - all that makes Rio a very special destination. Yep, we're daydreaming a little. Have you ever wondered what national game is an inherent part of the Brazilian culture? The right answer is Jogo Do Bicho. Speaking plain English, Jogo Do Bicho means "Animal Lottery" and that's how people describe it: The game is a deeply embedded cultural phenomenon with a certain romantic aura, and thus hard to eradicate! You may ask, why this lottery should be eradicated? The answer lies in its history. In retrospect, the creation of the game is well-documented: it was invented by Baron Drummond, the administrator of Rio Zoo with the main aim to somehow popularize the place. So he encouraged visitors to guess the animal hidden in the cage behind a curtain. That animal was symbolizing the day. In the evening, the curtain fell to reveal the symbolic animal and all the holders of fortunate tickets were given cash prizes. People started buying tickets and selling them everywhere. It caused some problems with legacy, since these kind of games of chance were prohibited in Brazil at that time, including the famous Jogo Do Bicho. But Jogo Do Bicho no matter what had spread far beyond and captured the popular imagination in Brazil forever. BGaming is pleased to touch this cultural lottery phenomena and give you a piece of Rio's warmth and smiling. Bets on animals, numbers - do whatever you want! Easy gameplay, funniest cartoon animals moving alive, breaking out from the wooden boxes and eager to give you as much cash prizes as they can…We can't stop playing it! And you?

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  • Category : Lottery
  • RTP : 94%
  • Volatility : -


The game is rich in the variability of bets from 1 to 5 animals, including advanced mode with hundreds, thousands, so there are huge chances to increase your winnings!

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