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European Roulette Game Online

Roulette's simple but highly attractive gameplay won its deserved popularity among gambling houses and saloons which later on transformed into land-based casinos as we know them today. Just try to think up one without a roulette table instantly popping up in the mind. Impossible! Increased chances of winning are what makes the European version of the game stand out from the rest of its versions worldwide. Here comes the diversity: unlike its American distant relative, European roulette has only one green pocket marked 0. The numbers layout on the wheel is also different. What is more to notice, there is a huge space for racetrack bets to add to the general inside and outside bets: Vousins du Zero, Black Splites, Red Splites and Tiers du Cylindre. The rules are always at hand within the game. Spin the wheel indefinitely - thus a believable theory of the roulette's invention during the searches of perpetuum mobile will be proved!

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  • Category : Roulette
  • RTP : 97.3%
  • Volatility : -
  • Feature : Provably Fair


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